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"Reverse: Time Collapse" is a (time travel) story driven Action-Adventure. A unique experience that combines the fast paced action of The Last of Us, the stealth of Metal Gear Solid with the puzzle system of Monkey Island. You will explore, combat and solve puzzles with an innovative interaction system and multi character cooperation system.


Some screenshots of in-game engine scenes



After an accident occurred in the SERN (South East Nuclear Research Center) facility in 2047, our heroes travel through time against their will.
As time runs backwards and you will have to find a way to return to the present trying to break the chain of events that caused the accident.

You'll play in an immersive world with three characters (a scientist, a reporter and a secret agent) travelling through time from 2047 to 100 years backward. You will find yourself in a race against time, fighting the guardians of time and the secret services. Some main events: Wikileaks (2010), Twin Tower Attack (2001), Kennedy Assassination (1963), Roswell (1947).


Over Time Gameplay
Over-Time gameplay

A great feature of Reverse: Time Collapse willl be the "over time" cooperation. The player will use characters cooperating each other in realtime over different eras to solve puzzles and beat the levels. Each character will have his own skills and cooperation will be essential to return to their present! There will be fight scenes with guns, explosions, puzzle and dramatic moments.

NewYork comparison
Historical events

Live in New York at various times (2047-2010-2001) and Dallas of the ‘60s. Be in the greatest historical events of the past 50 years.

Long gameplay

An awesome story of a travel back in time , with exciting moments (time travel jumps). 12 hours of gameplay

Puzzle, action and stealth

Use your skills to solve puzzles and defeat the enemies with melee combat and with stealth mode.

Cinematic story and experience

A great cinematic experience with engaging graphics. High quality and dynamic A.I. system.

The concept art
of "Reverse: Time Collapse"

To develop a game like Reverse: Time Collapse, we really needed out-of-this-world artists to help us visualize our ideas....

Developing "Reverse: Time Collapse"

We started thinking about the basic ideas of the game 3 years ago for two main reasons:
- we had a great story to tell
- we love making videogames


A great feature willl be the over time cooperation. The player will use characters that will need to cooperate in realtime over different time epocs to solve puzzles and go a head in the level. The puzzles will be very balanced (not too easy) and there will be a great cooperative gameplay over the time epocs! Each character will have their own skills and cooperation will be essential for the continuation of the levels and to be able to return to their present. There will be fight scenes with guns, explosions, puzzle and dramatic moments.

Puzzle solving


Meangrip Studios is composed by 15 members distributed worldwide. The members are industry veterans that worked and are working on AAA projects. These are some of the works that our memebers helped to develop: Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed Series, Last of Us, Uncharted 3.


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